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Wedding Bouquet



1   H   $750

1   H   $850

[SF - LA - BOS - NYC - DC] 
1.5 H   $1000 Meet & Greet

2   H   $1200
3   H   $1600

4   H   $2000 Dinner Date

5   H   $2400

6   H   $2700

12  H   $3500 Overnight

24 H   $5000

48 H   $9000

72 H   $12000 Weekend

1 Month $70k Exclusive


1  H  PHONE CALL          $400

1  H  PHONE TEXT          $200

1  H  LIVE CAM              $600                $25

(Virtual services require payment upfront

to confirm & my discretion is kept on Live Cam)

For all inquiries, a deposit of 50% will be required to secure your time.  

Deposits will secure your date are non-refundable unless I cancel, they can be sent in the form of Bitcoin, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, Uber cards.

Cancellations within 1 week are subject to a 50% inconvenience fee. 

Cancellations within 48 hours of the date are subject to a 100% inconvenience fee.

No call - No Shows and failure to compensate cancellation fee will result in being blacklisted.

If you are vulgar, rude, or speak explicitly via your inquiry or pre-date, you will be blocked. 

Writing Letters
Abstract Structure
  • Schedule

For all new dates, please provide the following information when making an initial inquiry:

1.  Available dates and times.

2. The desired city at your location or mine.

3.  Duration of the date.

4.  Proof of employment (TDB in forms of  LinkedIn, Email, Work website, Business card) OR a Selfie holding a non-tampered, non-expired photo Identification, Driver's License or Passport.

5.  References from my inner circle only. Will provide upon request.

6.  Preferred forms of deposit. 

A prime example would be:

Greetings Kana, I'm John. I was wondering about your availability for a 4-hour dinner date on April 20th around 6pm in Downtown Seattle. Here is my LinkedIn profile and let me know where to send the deposit. I prefer BTC and uber gift cards.  Looking forward to meeting you!

  • You’re always welcomed to bring food, beverages and cannabis products for us both to enjoy. 


Prior to our time together, please be aware of any special instructions I may provide to execute a smooth date.


  • If you are visiting me and come early, please visit a nearby store or have a drink at the bar. AVOID lingering near any staff.

(Please do not over communicate with me after securing your date. Unless inquiring for specific requests, I will follow up with you.)


  • As you enter my place, please refrain from talking to me until I shut door behind you. This is to deter hallway conversation in front of staff.

  • Place the rate within clear view in our premises.

  • Refrain from touching me as well until you place the rate in view and wash your hands. This is to prevent face, car, cellphone, elevator button bacteria spread.


  • I expect your hygiene to be on point. Please be freshly showered within 30 minutes of meeting or peruse mine.

If you happen to be showered, please excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands with soap under hot water and refresh.

(Being sensitive to smells, any uncleansed body odors WILL affect the status of our experience. I enjoy your fragrances and colognes as long as I feel like they aren't overpowering.)


  • If you are thinking of posting a review of our time, I ask that you please notify me. I request that you be respectful, discreet and keep any private information I shared with you between us. 

  • Arrival

Available worldwide

I am passport-ready and adding more stamps to it is enriching my life's resume. 

USA & International, is Cost of airfare & accommodations (if booked separately) + deposit.


I offer Duos, Trios & more. I am lucky to know many beautiful people who would love to meet you!
Please plan accordingly so schedules can be accommodated respectively

Spoil Me

My wishtender 

Gift ideas:
Flowers: Cannabis, Roses, Lillies, & Jasmines
Shoe size: 38.5 / 8.5
Dress size: 2
Lingerie : 32 D  Victoria Secret, Honey Birdette & Bordelle
Beverages : Coconut water, Kombucha or Green Tonics
Gift cards : Uber & Amazon, Visa Vanilla
Other : Candles,

Links & Media

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